Churchville Senior Center: CSC Members Updated on Fire Safety March 15

CSC conducted its quarterly fire drill on March 15 with assistance from three members of the Churchville Volunteer Fire Department (CVFD) and Rescue Squad: Craig Williams, Eric Kurensky, and Dana Swisher.

Center members learned about new advances in fire detection technology, how fire alarms are dispatched, and ways to exit the Center quickly and safely. The importance of procedures to assure that everyone is accounted for in an emergency was stressed, including signing in and out and having a designated gathering place outside the building.

The volunteer firefighters also described what the scene near the building might look like when fire engines, rescue vehicles, and law enforcement personnel arrive, stressing that it’s important to stay well back from access roads, driveways, etc.

The CVFD members surveyed the building, advising as to exit improvements and the status of portable extinguishers. They also tested the fire alarm system to be sure it is working properly (which it is!).

Happily, the weather was beautiful that day, so Center members enjoyed being outdoors for the drill and alarm system testing.

Many thanks to CVFD for their interesting and informative presentation!

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